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About Jersey Tomatoes

The Jersey Tomatoes team is unique in our approach to service.
We treat all of our clients as individuals. We plan and perform
our work expressly to serve our client’s specific needs and tastes.
We plan our events from scratch, just like we love to cook
and it shows!

... I was touched when Chritian made the effort to offer me some divine swine! - Stacy Keegan, Horizons Foundation

Whether it’s dinner for two at The C’e Gagutz Supper Club,
a fundraiser for 500 at the convention center or a good bowl
of Chicken and Dumpling at Split Pea Seduction, we provide an
unparalleled intimacy and a family feel that is often absent
outside of your own home.

Private Parties
Corporate Events
Corporate and Private Meal Delivery
Cooking Lessons
Business Consulting
C’e Gagutz Supper Club learn more

Try Split Pea Seduction on 6th Street at Minna.
Join us in helping to spruce up 6th Street with great
food and good vibes. You'll love our healthy salads,
hearty soups, tasty sandwiches and sweet and savory
crostatas, crispy and hot, straight out of our ovens.
Also, don't forget our house baked sweets and treats!

Check it out at splitpeaseduction.com. You’ll love it!

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Call Jersey Tomatoes at 415.551.2224
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